What If You Could Increase Sales By More Than 300% Or Increase Speed To Launch New Campaigns By 80%?

Agile Marketing is the cutting edge new approach to marketing rooted in a methodology with 25 years of industry success backed by international accreditation. Marketing tactics change everyday and we’ve created a new approach to keep up.

We've Put Agile Into Action For Multiple Fortune 500 Clients

We took our experience applying Agile to Fortune 50 clients such as IBM (#31) and Fortune 500 clients such as Nokia (#131) and combined it with our marketing experience. 

From that we created Agile Marketing.

What Happens When You Find Your Ideal Clients?

In one example, instead of trying to be everything to everyone and just promoting the health benefits in general, we narrowed them down to focusing on specific people with health ailments and found that by selling acid free coffee to high-stress coffee lovers with ulcers met demand off the charts.

All of a sudden, our conversion ratio tripled and our cost of customer acquisition dropped to $5. We witnessed a 300% increase in sales in under 6 months and a 780% increase on the year. This wasn’t some brand new startup either, Tyler’s coffee was first developed over 12 years ago.

Never heard of Agile before? 

Pay attention to 'the best kept management secret on the planet' according to Forbes.

From The Snowbird Ski Resort To The Fortune 500

The Birth of the Agile Manifesto

The 2000s were a much different time in software development. Legacy systems, multimillion dollar budgets and years in development, software was not easy to launch. 17 software developers got together at a ski resort in Snowbird, Utah to do some skiing while reflecting on a better way to do development.

 After a weekend full of discussion The Agile Manifesto was created. This would become the dominant methodology in software development with over 78% of companies leveraging a version of Agile. It's gone on to be translated into 68 different languages. 

Why Isn't Agile Already In Marketing?

While Agile was built for software development it’s success for managing any type of project is becoming apparent. The transition hasn’t been easy and that’s why we’re breaking new ground.

Alistair Cockburn Co-Creator of the Agile Manifesto Gives His Take on Agile Marketing

“Many of us have tried in many ways to take Agile out of the IT space and it hasn’t worked because you need two things. You need somebody who knows marketing and you need to translate all the languaging in IT and put it into the marketing framework. That’s why Maria and Nic have done and are doing so successfully where other people haven’t done it. You guys are opening up that door and you’ve got the two pieces you need to open it up.”

- Alistair Cockburn, Co-Creator of the Agile Manifesto and Four Time Author on Software Development

Does Agile Work Outside of IT?

Is Agile just leading software development or is it leading the future? 

We have two examples to show you just what's possible. 

Example 1: Riot Games 

Could You Build A Company On Agile? Over 100 Million Fans Think So.

Agile is being applied to a wide range of uses now. Top to bottom companies are being built using Agile including our example Riot Games. Created in 2006 by a team of 2 they launched their first game in 2009 called League of Legends.

Riot Games Did $1.6 Billion In Revenue In 2015

 Rising to the number one online game in revenue they have did an estimated $1.6 billion in revenue in 2015. League of Legends is now played by over 100 million people worldwide. Their 2015 final attracted 36 million viewers worldwide.

Image Credit: SuperDataResearch

League of Legends hasn't slowed down in 2016, posting $585 million in the first four months. 

They recently won Inc.'s 2016 Company of the Year.

Example 2: WikiSpeed

Could You Build A Car On Agile? Over 100 Miles Per Gallon Confirms So.

Cars are also slowly becoming revolutionized by Agile. Joe Justice and his team at WikiSpeed leveraged Agile principles and applied it to car building. They’ve smashed through the old 'steel' ceilings of hardware development and are revolutionizing an old industry. 

Wikispeed built a car in 3 months for less than $20,000 that gets over 100MPG.

How does that compare to industry standards? See below for a comparison of what the industry accomplished in 6 years of innovation against what Joe's team was able to accomplish in 3 months.

6 Years


3 Months 

On the left you'll see just a 2 MPG increase over 6 years of development. 

On the right you'll see an average of over 100 MPG in just 3 months of development.

We've Created The FIRST And ONLY Internationally Accredited Training On Agile Marketing

Our training is internationally accredited and provides 14 PDUs (Professional Development Units) from the Project Management Institute and 14 SEUs (Scrum Education Units) from the Scrum Alliance. We are also a proud corporate member of the Agile Alliance.

We Are Looking For A Few More Dream Clients

We Practice What We Preach

Marketing should be based on experience not theory. That’s why we are looking for a few more of our ideal clients to work with. We are continuing to improve our training and build new case studies in the process. 

We realize that a 2 day training class isn’t always enough to really implement a new method so we are doing everything we can to perfect the training.

That's why we want to work hands on with you to accelerate your results. We have a few different options to help ensure success. 

Would You Like A Clear Plan Of What To Do Every Week To Increase Sales?

We're happy to help you design a custom marketing plan leveraging the Agile Marketing principles to identify your ideal customer, increase the speed at which you launch new campaigns and rapidly scale your traffic. 

This way, you’ll be able to get more customers who are the best fit for your business. 

We offer this service because we are looking to grow our case studies.

In fact, regardless if we work together or not, we will hand select the most valuable worksheet (a $100 value) for you completely free. These worksheets come from our Agile Marketing Certification Class and are normally only accessible through our online academy.

But before we go further, you need to know that we can't help everyone. We can only be of benefit to business who are... 

  • Offering a unique solution to the market. 
  • Willing to advertise.
  • Able to sell to fresh leads. 

Here's What To Do Next: 

Schedule a Planning Session with Us By Simply Clicking the Button Below.


Agile marketing focuses your efforts allowing you to get more done with less time. We provide multiple solutions to fit your busy schedule and get results.


We offer custom onsite training in addition to internationally accredited certification. Whether you're trying to build a more Agile company or train your team, we've got you covered. With more than 10 years experience consulting Fortune 100 companies we're certain we can help.

The Agile Marketing Framework

First we focus on user stories and customer personas. This was directly responsible for the 300% and 780% growth of Tyler’s Coffee. 

Second we focus on building a sales letter. This is how we test and hone in on our sales message.

Third we focus on traffic buying and analytics. It's time for the rubber to meet the road. If you want to scale your business effortlessly this is the single best way. 

Fourth we focus on leveraging agile for project management. Agile allows us to do things like increase speed to market by 80% and reduce budgets by 50%. What if you could get MORE done with a SMALLER budget? That’s the beauty of Agile. Once we properly leverage it we can exponentially scale our business.

How One Dentist Made $35,000 On One Campaign with Agile Marketing

Tight on time and short on results Dr. Robert Wolf signed up for our first case study program. Initially he was concerned that paid traffic would be too expensive and the budget might get out of control quickly. We got him to agree to a smaller test to see what was possible. 

He set up his first landing page and ran his first ad campaign. We had identified his ideal customer persona in week 1 so we knew who we were targeting. 

He ran $100 worth of advertising which resulted in 8 leads. 

From those leads 5 showed up to a seminar about using Medicaid for dental reconstruction.  

3 of the attendees took consultations to learn more information and 2 applied. 

1 lead was successful and had their application approved. 

The result? A $35,000 dental reconstruction. 

"Having the benefits of Nic's one-on-one coaching made the difference."

I was unsure of whether or not I could learn this material, but with Nic's step-by-step instruction, I was suprised how fast I picked it up. Our weekly calls helped me to quickly launch my first campaigns and see results.

- Dr. Robert Wolf - Celebrity Dentist

The Founders of Agile Marketing Academy

Who is Nic Sementa?

As a serial entrepreneur, Nic Sementa has co-founded a series of companies including nationally distributed college magazine Boosh, a community based artist incubator RGB Lounge, and crowd-funding consulting company, MinionWerks. With a strong background in advertising and sales, Nic has helped many companies turn small marketing budgets into breakthrough results.

While exploring the application of Agile serving as Director of Business Development for Formula Ink, Nic began studying how the same project management techniques that make Agile so effective for software development can be applied to the creation of online marketing systems.

Who is Maria Matarelli?

President of Formula Ink, is passionate about helping companies be more efficient and get results. As an international business consultant, professional speaker and trainer with more than 10 years experience consulting Fortune 100 and start-up companies. Maria is a published author and holds more than 10 industry certifications encompassing coaching, facilitation, project management, and leads certification training classes for organizations throughout the world. 

Maria has worked with virtual teams coordinating international conferences in Cape Town, South Africa, Amsterdam and throughout the United States and has supported the growth of communities internationally, including Malaysia, China, India and other locations, helping people discover better ways to work and get results faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have enough time?

What if I don’t have enough people?

This sounds expensive will I make a return on my investment?

Agile marketing focuses your efforts allowing you to get more done with less time. 

Leveraging the right marketing technology allows you to scale without being forced to hire a large team. 

How much of your time is wasted on unfocused efforts and marketing budgets wasted on unmeasurable campaigns? Take the power back. 

Agile marketing focuses on delivering now rather than later. You’ll be able to get more done than you expected even with a limited time budget. That's actually one of the biggest reasons the Case Study program works with people like yourself. We have one hour a week that we commit to together. That’s it. Outside of that, everything comes to you pre-recorded to allow you to adjust it and work through it in your own time. Your is actually spent building online campaigns and creating marketing messaging so you have an output at the end of each section. 

The beautiful thing about the world we live in now is the technology. 10 years ago everything was done manually but now we have software that we can leverage. From landing page creation to scaling ad budgets, manpower is rarely a roadblock. 

Agile Marketing focuses on measurable results so you’re never left in the dark wondering where your money went. A $5,000 - $10,000 website is a sunk cost that is not actively generating leads. What we are talking about in the Agile Marketing program includes two sales funnels that actively bring leads and that you're taught how to use manage. These are not passive things that just sit on the Internet; these are active funnels that are bringing in ideal clients for your salespeople to close. We're going to walk you through the process of getting them up and running at your pace. 

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